What Have I been Up To?

Well not this for one. God this site still looks like trash. My bad.
I have been obsessed with my new found love of Anneke and Devin Townsend.

That is some awesome music.  I am not sure what genre you prefer randomly stumbler upon my magical kingdom, but you should try this.

Else leave a comment of what genre you like and I will try to encorporate more of that into my life, afterall that is how social interaction works.  

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This is not all I have been doing though the other thing is reading some book which I will not talk about as it is too soon to tell if they are worth noting and will be of educational significance.  I have a new game that I have been playing though


 Man, so during a few weeks in my life I was obssess with vikings, and I still likg them so a game that is semi like Age of Empire but focuses on viking is right up my ally.  That is what this is, there are difference than Age of Empires of course, all buildings require villagers, so it is more about building up villagers than ever building a particularly large army.  It does get a bit stale after a few hours as you really do the same thing over and over once you have your start optimized, but definitely a fun game to check out if you like real time strategy games.

It is on sale on Steam
So check it out if you have money, or donate to me cause i am lazy.  Oh I am a nobody so they definitely didn’t pay me shit to advertise.  True game I play besides TF2 and Sudoku puzzles.

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