WordPress 5.8 Came Out!

With the new version of WordPress 5.8 taking the internet by storm, there is no telling where technology is going. What will be the next big advancement? Was that intro just for SEO?…

Yes? I’m not great at SEO, who really knows how that will play out…in the new world of WordPress 5.8

We (Tito, the dog I consulted on the matter) have no idea what this update means, guess we’ll find out. Hopefully, it’s perfect! I did read that it adds some block functionality for posts. Maybe I can make a homepage with the block editor?!

Stay frosty (or lethargic…whatever gets you through the day)

PS. This is hardly a post, but I’m the self-acclaimed dauphin of SEO, so it doesn’t even matter.

Grammarly says I did the writing thing perfectly 🙂

I made two jokes in that post and you if you can’t find them easily, they are easter eggs.

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