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  • Dual Monitor Problem 32

    I have three monitors in total. The um…what do you call it? Integrated? Monitor of the laptop itself and then an HDMI display and a display port display. Not going into the specs too much, I have one that is good and one that is bad and the bad one has high contrast. I really […]

  • Toc Test

    Header one Some text and stuff to make more text and stuff and more text and stuff cause lorem ipsum copying and pasting is harcd, Keep typing, keep typing blah blah A New Heading. Some more text and things and stuff. I want this to be a bit longerSome more text and things and stuff. […]

  • New Post for Jamison Admin

    Testing roles.

  • this is a post with a very unique title so I can find it in the search Take Two

    this is a post with a very unique title so I can find it in the search Take Two

    But it has nothing else note worthy.

  • FreeStyler Straight From The Top Of My Dome New edition Eight Updated

    We made it to Friday! [pause for celebratory applause] -Another Friday — it’s hard not to get introspective (maybe with a bit of Mrs. Outrospective sprinkled in) when faced with routine. It ages you. The predictability, the antithesis to the excitement of the unknown that youth brought. My point is this –Ten years ago, there’s […]

  • Color Scheme PRO a $500 Master Class On Sale Fo’ FREE

    I Am So Good With Color I just have to say it. No one else was… So I use to actually take art classes, and I’ve studied a bit of color theory in hopes of being better at design. I then forgot it all and moved on with my life. What I do now is […]

  • I Broke My Server Again Take Two

    Ironically, after I purposely broke my theme a lot, I also broke my whole server. My website was down and not responding so I SSH’ed into it. I then checked that Nginx was running, it was, but I restarted it anyway because why not? It Worked? No, of course, it didn’t work, but it made […]

  • Theme Disasters

    You should have a backup. WordPress recommends having a default theme as well. If you have a default theme like twenty-twenty it will automatically activate if your current custom theme just disappeared. Let’s do some testing. Theme Test One I currently have 2 custom themes. What do you think will happen if I hide/delete/make vanish […]

  • Revisions

    Real fast basic talk about revisions now that I’m super popular and reaching upwards of three people. A revision is just a saved copy of a post or page that is saved in the database. It is often popular to limit the number of revisions you are allowed cause you can go crazy. Some of […]

  • Mistake two – Learn From Doing

    I’ve watched so many videos on CSS. I have also read a bunch of the most highly recommended books on CSS. The problem with the books is the CSS is old and there is a lot of cutting-edge features on CSS, especially for the Chrome browser. Google is doing crazy shit, maybe this isn’t new […]

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