Curl PHP Version without Server Access

Curl is a very useful tool. A lot of times…

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Lady working on WordPress

WordPress Isn’t Installing Properly

Hi, I’m trying to switch from Squarespace to WordPress for…

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Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike

If you have not heard of him yet, I am…

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a block with TS


A quick guide to what is typescript. leave a comment…

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Risk of Rain 2

Risk Of Rain II

Risk Of Rain 2 was released recently, and I have…

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Testimonial Hands

Testimonial, I Randomly Helped Someone

Well, I was exploring WordPress support forums, trying to get…

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A boy and girl look over a quiz

Quiz, Developer Terms

I am working on a small project to do some…

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Person with hands typing

Typing Goals

I think of myself as a fast typist. I might…

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doge for dogecoin

Dogecoin April Fools

I have a few thousand Dogecoins because, why not? Lucky…

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Young Wealth

I am reading Young Wealth. It was almost free because…

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Meine Node Apps Sind Gebrochen

Oh meine Güte. My apps are down, and I am…

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it is a screen


This is actually notes I had from work. I will…

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Jack Parsons, Rocket Scientist and Occultist

Jack Parsons, Cool Dude

There are a lot of people that I wish I…

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Hammock girl for haiku


Haikus are going to be my ticket to financial stability.…

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Good Vibes in sand from

HTML5 – I’m Reading An Book – Super Interesting

I’m reading Headfirst HTML5/CSS3 and I am embarrassed to say,…

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Balto Polar bear

SEO, The Worst Guide

What Does SEO Mean? First, I have about 3 views…

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Promises Promises

Promises give us a way to make sense out of…

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ES 6 Title

Object Literal Enhancement

ES6 brought some advancement to javascript, one of these additions…

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Facebook is down

AKA The Day After Tomorrow, Today That’s all I got,…

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Babel II image

Babel and Javascript

Babel is javascript tool you might use.  It does a…

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