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Get your meta-data set correctly, if you are using WordPress, get Yoast or something similar that does it for you.

Improve your content. It does not matter how optimized you make your posts for SEO if your posts/pages aren’t worth reading.

Get use to Google webmaster tools/ analytics, make sure you aren’t making a mistake with your robots.txt, this is the file that tells crawlers what they should and should not access, also how often.

That is it, seriously. I have done SEO for companies before, and in my opinion it is kind of a scam, because anyone can do it.

Of course you can dig deeper. You could do some analysis on keywords that are popular and use that to determine what your content is going to be, but I think most people and small business have a basic idea of what content they want to produce and altering the content would be weird. Why is a window tinting company writing about the new release of Ori and the Will of the Wisps. What you could do though is do research on what terms/keywords are being used in your category and make sure you have thrown those in your post/page where relevant.

This post got created because I got a spam comment offering SEO services, and no offense to the company offering the service, but people need to realize that if you have a site like mine currently, there is nothing worth reading, there is nothing I can do to get first page on Google unless I feel like creating more content.

Headings Are Important.

they improve readability.

Sorry If You Read This

What do I know, here are my stats currently. They are understandably poor. If I keep writing posts and producing content, I will show how those numbers go up, without me really doing anything special.

I do need more people showing up here though, cause I want to sell ad space and quit working, so please, stay, chill, maybe I will throw up a chatroom for you.

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