About Me – Jamison

Hi, I’m Jamison. I’m a real-life dude living behind a computer screen. I somehow get paid to do things behind a computer screen. I own a bed and a laptop, so things are looking up! If you need WordPress help, I’m your guy…that will tell you to go to the forums with that shit. 😉

My best post was probably about the Land Before Time, it’s all downhill from there. Sorry.

I’m not smart, but I don’t have the ego of a smart guy, making me much better to work with. Oh! I’m also very quotable, I do it all the time. If I had to describe the goal of my blog…I would say simple

I’m Cory, you’re Topanga, Shawn or Eric

So it would be…pretty cool if you read and liked any of my posts. Also, not really upset if you don’t. There’s also another blog with my name that I am competing with, but he might be a better person than me.

Jamison Once Had A Group

Back In the days of Myspace, I remember there was a group of Jamisons from all over. They all seem pretty similar. That’s good knowledge to know and I gave it away for free.

Some Noteworthy Jamisons

  • Judith Jamison – not a real Jamison but will have to do.
  • JamisonParker – Not a real Jamison either, but a band, although one of the band members is a true Jamison

Yoast really isn’t happy about me trying to pass this off as a page. I’m trying to trick it into being happy by writing a few- BAM did it. Green faces all around, fair dinkum mates!