How I Cope With Stress

Stress, I Have It

    Stress can be a good thing. For me, it is. I feel like I have a lot going on but truly I do not. Anyway, I am coping by trying to stay productive, not true productivity, but pseudo productivity, like writing a post for content on my site. My site that at this point serves very little purpose except as an outlet for me.</p>        
        <h2>Not Funny</h2>      
    First, I think I am a very reasonable person if there is a simple reasonable explanation for something, then I Occam's Razor that shit.That said, you know how a shaman gave Eliza Thornberry her power, the gift of having Tim Curry as a father? Well, I am semi convinced a hobo cursed me to never be able to tear along perforations.I write this as my Ginger Ale w/ lemonade cans are rolling in the fridge downward into a chasm of oblivion from what was marketed as a fridge pack for convenience.<p>I headed that not, funny.  Let me expand, I find it hilarious, I am going by Facebook reactions, my friends seems to not care for the status.  They can be twats at times though so only time will tell.

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