It’s The Land Before Time II

The Three main dinosaurs of the story

Here we go!!!

The Land Before Time II… I have gotten better at my writing (bought a new mechanical keyboard that goes hard with the clickity clacks) and I am finally ready to watch…. The Land Before Time II:  The Great Valley Adventure.  Are you excited?  No?…. Can I up the content level?  You’re Goddamn right.  I am going to be watching this movie, taking details notes and operating a game of Sid Meiers (not enough consonants in your name bro)  Civilization 6.

I just got Catherine De Medici, I’m rerolling. 🙁

Oh Harald Hardrada, I hate focusing on navy, there are two things I am going to be regretting soon.  I’m just going to hit B for the first turn, so let’s go back to The Land Before Time II.  Do not worry, I will come back to the civ game on turn like 15, later in the post, you will know because….I’ll preface it?  I’m not sure, deep breaths, we will get through this.

Egg eating dinosaurs

It starts right away with a song.  I remember this song because it’s catchy as hell.   I’m going to rewind this – Oh I do not need to, it continues.  Okay, so we are continuing where we left off.  Everyone is living in a utopia and everything is perfect.  This movie has no confli- Oh…there are two dinosaurs that like to eat eggs.  So…we went from the classic first movie of a mass exodus where failure meant starvation to two dinosaurs that want to eat eggs.  Fair.

Cera just asked LittleFoot to come play.  Obviously it’s a trap.  It doesn’t appear to be a trap so far…must be a long con.  They play tag and decide to make the slow one ‘It’, that’s borderline bullying.

The dino friends

This next image is a shocker, ruined the movie for me.  I was there, transported in my mind to a land before time, time immemorial if you will. Then those damn artist try to tell me this is accurate?!

I swear, Spike is Small in this scene
Look at this shit, Spike is like half his size!

Spike is the biggest dinosaur out of the 3, he is in the foreground and definitely smaller in this perspective.  I mean have some damn pride in your work.  That was the first 15 minutes.  This will be a first break point, I recommend mediating and clearing your mind, I know I need to, this anger from poor size consistency will eat at me.  

The Land Before Time II… To Be Continued

I think this was a good start and Yoast is telling me it’s digital Gold!

SEO saying this is digital gold

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