Real fast basic talk about revisions now that I’m super popular and reaching upwards of three people. A revision is just a saved copy of a post or page that is saved in the database. It is often popular to limit the number of revisions you are allowed cause you can go crazy. Some of my pages have upwards of 60 revisions cause I make a lot of mistakes.

When Do Revisions Get Saved?

If you start a new post, you have zero revisions. If you make a change and update that post you then have two revisions, the change, and the pre-change. Every time you hit the update button and there has been a change, it will make a revision. If you have the option to limit revisions then the oldest one is going to be deleted.


WordPress also has a built-in Auto-save feature that runs every 60 seconds by default. These can be restored the same way as revisions. They are special though, they always have a slot and they don’t take up one of your revisions slots. They are saved in the database somewhere but also in the browser somewhere.

Why Would You Limit Revisions

Mostly to make the database smaller. They aren’t kept in the same place as post, so it shouldn’t speed up the query, but I’m no SQL expert. Often you make backups of sites though, and the database being large is annoying and who the fuck besides me needs more than 10 revisions? Get it right the first time, that’s my motto.

There Now You Know About Revisions

you’re welcome. Go, spread the knowledge, or google the wp-config code to limit your revisions. You could also google wherein the database revisions are actually kept (wp_post with post type of revision. It hasn’t come up yet, so I don’t care. Here’s where to find revisions





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