Rock IV

Binge watching to Rocky Movies for the first time. I did not know Ivan Drago was going to kill Apollo…ffffuckkkkk. Thanks to everyone that never spoiled that for me. Now Rocky is my champion…

“Maybe I cant win, maybe the only thing I can do is just take everything he’s got, but to beat me, he is going to have to kill me, and to kill me he is going to have to have the heart to stand in front of me, and to do that he has to be willing to die himself and I dont know if he is ready to do that”

If you can figure out what that monologue means, you are smarter than me. The dialogue really goes downhill post Apollo.

Fun fact, Dolph Lundgren put Sylvester in the hospital when Sylvie was like “Hey, box me for real” and the punch made his heart hit against his rib cage and swell, the insurance company tried to deny Sylvies claim cause…well that’s what insurance companies do, and also didn’t believe it could have come from a punch, but they were shown the footage which I believe is actually in the film but I’m not certain.Also Drago was clearly implied to be getting steroid shots and…I feel like drug testing was a thing then.

I fucking love these movies (they are no Heavenly Bodies but they are still pretty great). There might be some hidden message about machines taking over, since Paulie (maybe it was just a side coach and not brotherinlaw Paulie) is like “see he bleeds, he isn’t a machine” and this movie introduces Rocky getting a scary robot butler, I havent actually commected the metaphor but there are dots

I can’t write a page on Rocky and not mention his Mafioso boss with a heart of Gold, who starts Rocky 1 with scolding Rocky for not breaking a guys fingers, and then thirty minutes later is giving Rocky a bonus just cause and letting Rocky quit being his collector to box.

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