Final Fantasy One Repixeled

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I remember playing Final Fantasy 1-6 all the time as a young kid and recently Square Enix released their remakes. Instead of doing the new graphics, which they have done before, losing the feel of the original they did a repixeled remake.

It looks nice if you are nostalgic for the original. The text is smooth, I dislike that a bit but I understand, pixel text get’s ugly on large monitors and such, so the accessibility through using these smoothed-out fonts is okay. I haven’t had any criticisms for the game so far. It added the ability to auto-battle (I at least do not remember that in the original, so I’m assuming it’s a quality of life update).

If you are unfamiliar with Final Fantasy, it’s a lot like the other early Final Fantasy but there are some distinct differences that make it obvious it was the first one. Job system exists, when you begin the journey, you have 4 characters whose name and job you can pick and that’s your part. Spells now have a DnD aspect to them because there isn’t MP but there are spell slots so you can only cast certain level spells a limited amount of times before resting. They added ether to make this more bearable, so you can regain spell slots.

I’m maybe three hours in. I have saved the princess, crossed the bridge, fought the pirates, and got the boat, used the boat to talk to the sleeping elf and the king whose crown was stolen. Went to the Marsh –thinking about this, I’m not sure who stole the king’s crown, I don’t remember there being a boss fight here, just a treasure chest in a swamp that has his crown…that seems odd.

You get the crown from going into the marsh —

Once you have the crown, you take it to the King, who is all like “You thought I was a king, but really It is ME DIO!!” so you kill him. The automatic looting of his body gives you an eye, if you talked to Matoya in her cave earlier you may have gotten the dialogue that says “I’m looking for my eye! =(“. So you take the eye back to Matoya, and she implies you are ugly, but gives you a jolt potion.

You can then go to the Elven Castle where the prince of the elves is asleep, hand his bed attendant the jolt potion and the prince comes back and gives you a Mystic Key!

Then you can go back all the way to the beginning, the Castle you started the game at and saved the princess of. There is a room there that you can open with the mystic key that gives you some equipment and a key item called “nitro” which the dwarfs really want, cause they like blowing shit up.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten, and I wasn’t planning to make a walkthrough so I guess I’m done here. I skipped a lot of items you could have grabbed when you got the mystic key and probably more secrets that I don’t even know.

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Sorry, I don’t review anything I write and reread it, it hurts my soul doing that, like looking in mirrors. I recommend avoiding it and living life happy go lucky.

I’ll hopefully add images of the game later, maybe a video if I still have my recording equipment installed. I’m hoping to also make a custom template for this posts. Let’s see how productive I get though.

Final Fantasy One Update

I have continued playing it, I’m enjoying it. I’m just as lost as I was on the NES version….I save the Earth crystal and the what???
I know from old age that I go to the crescent island, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how I was supposed to know that.

Yoast things you’re dumb and that my sentences are too long and complex. I told Yoast “NO! I know these people, they are very much capable of following this loquacious diatribe.

Canoe? Canope!

Oh, you make your way all the way to this hard-to-reach, surrounded by land, crescent island and the sage gives you a goddamn canoe. He is also one of like 12 sages in a circle. Fuck that sage in particular, he should of at least wear a different color cloak. So I get my canoe, I travel to a volcano, I almost DIE. Take a bit step in saving the world by rescuing or harboring the fire crystal. Then the sages don’t say shit to me.


The sages don’t say shit, but there is a guy standing in the corner like the Blair Witch got to him. He happens to mention a levistone that he has been searching for since time and memorial. No hints of where it is, but at this point, you have been everywhere that you are able to reach except with the canoe…there’s a river up north that you can travel, so let’s go there!

Ice Cavern

It was a trick! It leads you to a cave that is covered in ice. This dungeon isn’t too bad, I probably missed some secrets but whatever, the important part is to get out of it quickly. It does some tricky shit with cracked ice that makes you fall down to the bottom of the dungeon and have to crawl your way back up. There is also one room with like 2 chests and one spot of cracked ice…that cracked ice you actually want to fall into because it takes you strange to the Levistone! Bam, progress, get the fuck out of that cave.


I must have missed where a wise man told me the Airship is in the desert, but to be fair, I think the airship is always buried in the desert in Final Fantasy games, unless…you know it’s like FF6 or FF4 where airships are just common and not the remnants of forgotten technology. This is the next part where the game gets tricky because there are about 5 places you can go that you haven’t been to yet and 3 of them are completely useless and filled with tough enemies that can kill you… So good fucking luck. That’s where I’m currently at, I’ll about this “strategy guide” when I get past it. Speaking of, I mean yes, this could be used as a shitty strategy guide but it’s more of a synopsis in case you want to remember the experience of playing the game, but don’t want to sink hours into it.

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