My google analytics is going to look better than Activision Blizzard’s stock. (I’ll update this soon with will world data)

Activision Blizzard’s Stock –

Activision Blizzard's Stock
As You can See Activision Blizzard’s stock isn’t doing soo hot

Yoast Has Problems With My Activision Blizzard Stock Joke

It literally hates the keyword, the post, and the page. It does say it’s very readable though so that’s good. Why does the world hate Activision Blizzard? They actually use to make great games and could have ridden off that past success a lot longer than they have.

But Then They Fucked Up

Activision Blizzard can only blame fans so much for their own behavior. It started with fans wanting Classic and being told “No…. you think you do but you don’t”. It ended with them being in litigation over sexual harassment and them having a frat boy-like culture. Then they try to blame fans for impatience about the new patch updates because they have to deal with the litigation Blizzard caused.

Blizzard Can Fuck Right Off

Everyone is moving to FF14, they are donezo, they pissed off everyone.

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