We Dive Together AKA Jamie Jones’ Diary

We Dive Together AKA Jamie Jones’ Diary

So to my left, on my second monitor, someone is playing a Doom-like game. I (Jamie Jones) can only pay so much attention while I watch that and so that means one thing. We will dive into the internet together. We will learn more about how my mind works.

Let’s begin. There was an external conversation you were not privy to that I have to explain, then, I believe you will be able to follow my brain thoughts exactly! So, my cousin said something about basketball, and mentioned ‘Mig’s team is playing’. Now Mig is short for Miguel, another cousin but all this can be explained later because what I heard was “mixed teams are playing.”. So where did your brain go, what was your next thought?

Of course! The Dream Team of 1992 Olympics. That was a magical era. Maybe because I was a kid, but those athletes seemed godlike, even now I am excited just thinking about it. Again, I was a kid, so it is the merchandise I probably miss the most. The commercials. Knowing that they were representing America, and I was an American too was cool because knowing Michael Jordan had my back was comforting.

We can’t be kids again, I have tried. There is more credible evidence for this assumption as well, Stephen Hawking threw that ‘unannounced until after the event’ for time travellers, and no one came! Time travel is not possible, so we have to alter our perception.


I googled the best NBA Video games, I will have to be my dream team and commit mentally. Maybe I will update this post after I do that, but this will take total concentration, hence no headings, couldn’t be bothered. That joke is going to tank will I go through and fix this up for SEO purposes. It’s not that I sold out, it’s that I only get validation through money, it’s a possible birth defect.

That may or may not be true, I am poor with low self-esteem, so it does technically align right now but more data is needed. That is why you should be visiting my blog more.

Probably don’t love you, but I could, Sincerely yours,

Sultan (s)of sign-offs, lover (l)of (l)alliterations,

Jamie, Jaime, Jamison, Son Of James.

Update To Jamie Jones’ Diary

I shared this post on Facebook, and got very little response. I am not sure people realize how petty I am. Furthermore, I will make it pretty damn clear here that I am one of the most petty people you will ever come across. There, it is spelt out.

Now I look at the analytics, I will give it some time in case there is a lag, and then we burn all the fucking bridges.

“Alexa! Play Irreplaceable – Beyoncé”

“Jamison, why isn’t this video centred?” – Because it’s to the left, to the left.

All Your Stuff In  A Box To THe LEft
Everything You Own… In A Box To The Left

I will google how to burn bridges and get back to this project later. I do need more content because I hate that I only have a left column filled.

Goodbye, friends. I never thought I’d die like this. But I always really hoped”.

That is a quote from Futurama, I was using a lorem ipsum generator here – http://fillerama.io/ to balance the page out a bit more. I am now talking about it because I need more content for page balance…

I just realized responsive design means the ‘to the left’ joke is not going to land with people on Mobile. Grow the fuck up and get a desktop with Linux.


There will be a friend try-outs soon, stay frosty. Jamie Jones’ Diary Epilogue

I did some style changes on single pages and I think I can move on and let it go. Friend try-out is postponed. If you were truly interested, e-mail me which book of the Dune series is your favourite, and why? A possible human, maybe bot, named Freebies commented on my blog, I think it was a compliment….they are allowed to pass the wait list.

Also, you may have noticed that I have switched a bit to British English, two reasons: Fuck with the data algorithms collecting info on me and I just use the term grey, and I was typing it a lot because of CSS and the spellchecker suggested that I was using UK English. I mean fair dinkum mate.

I leave you with this random bit of an oddity. In CSS, it has ‘grey‘ and ‘gray‘ for preference, but the property is always spelt ‘color‘.

Cigarettes 1 (v.g.)

My name, shortened, is Jamie BTW.


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