I Broke My Server

There is no real reason why I should be able to even make this post. It started when I noticed I couldn’t edit a post on my WordPress on a subdomain. That lead to changing some Nginx site configurations. I added a bunch of new lines because the error is that I broke the REST API. It can’t find wp-json. Fuck if I know, I defined it in the Nginx and told it exactly where to look, but I think maybe my first WordPress installation is getting in the way.

See…it doesn’t seem like it, but haven’t a WordPress in a sub directory is actually more complicated…apparently by a lot. I should just buy another domain, make another site config and set it up on it’s own.

I’m not made of time though and I just bought a Kindle so I hopefully will read more… I’ll fix my shit later. This site is the money maker and it’s perfectly fine. Also…my other site is still up, it’s just…everything is broken, but it works perfect as a static site. 😉

Oh well…

To Do List

  • Clean up ganstapenguin.com’s Nginx conf
  • Buy New Domain
  • Make at least two more Site configs and enable them for Nginx.
  • Profit?????

I’ve Been Thinking A Lot…

About the 80s My Little Pony Movie. That thing was nuts. I remember a sentient rainbow that kicked ass and took names. Also, it was my introduction to classism. There were ‘Flutter’ ponies that were all like ‘we aren’t helping you, we’re have wings you filthy commoners…get fucked, die in smooze’. They have a change of heart in the end, but they definitely gave off that attitude initially…unless my memory isn’t real but just my interpretation of reality. Fuck maybe shit never happened and I’m alive for the first time the moment and just have memories implanted…
Really puts FUBARing my server into perspective.

Final Thoughts

This is some primo cornerstone content for sure…adding my google tag twice two this one bois.

According To Google…I’m Not Like…Unpopular

Maybe soon I can do Scientology but do it right… fewer aliens, more robots…a force for good. I bought pants on Amazon today…No idea what my waist size is. Luckily when I was a young boy in CS class, I had to make a program that could guess numbers...really easy. It won’t take me buying too many pants to figure out.

I’m Probably missing out on a lot of compliments right now 🙁

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