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  • I Broke My Server Again Take Two

    Ironically, after I purposely broke my theme a lot, I also broke my whole server. My website was down and not responding so I SSH’ed into it. I then checked that Nginx was running, it was, but I restarted it anyway because why not? It Worked? No, of course, it didn’t work, but it made […]

  • Mistake two – Learn From Doing

    I’ve watched so many videos on CSS. I have also read a bunch of the most highly recommended books on CSS. The problem with the books is the CSS is old and there is a lot of cutting-edge features on CSS, especially for the Chrome browser. Google is doing crazy shit, maybe this isn’t new […]

  • My Tool test Thing Two2

    I have a tool displaying my analytic data, and it’s pretty cool and all. It’s an iframe, and they have permission from my Google analytic to pull data. I really like it, but not enough to pay 12 dollars a month. It will break soon, today by all accounts. What Will I Do? Well, Google […]

  • Google Analytics VS Gtag 3rd Edition

    They aren’t the same thing analytics is only analytics. It will give you code that you can add to your header to track visitors. A Google tag is a container. The container can be added to your site in almost an identical way to the analytics code. It can do more but initially does less. […]

  • Final Fantasy III Repixeled

    There’s a weird dude on a rock. Something was said about crystals and maybe earthquakes. 4 orphans live in the town of Ur and are exploring. They then fall from the sky with a thud! Time to save the day (and lower the games default volume which could not be done in the main menu!) […]

  • Preload Mobile Only Update

    What if I could preload mobile fonts only?! Okay, this is just an experiment, but it seemed to work? When you add something to WP Rocket’s preload, it will always preload it, regardless of the device. This makes sense, but there are some things — like maybe a toggle button I am using from a […]

  • Mobile-friendly

    I will write more on this subject later. This is more a diary entry (Oh shit, did you notice I double-spaced?!) Change up fun fact about that, I don’t think browsers really care. I’m sure it’s wasteful somewhere but crawlers aren’t reading the spaces, so I doubt it has any SEO repercussions. I’m not an […]

  • How Do I Do It?

    This is updated I am at about 5 posts today! All of them are shit, but that’s not the point! That isn’t the point at all, a lot of content on the internet is shit. Start some posts, maybe one day go back and make it less shit, but if the content is there, the […]

  • Deep CLS Dude

    I Had A CLS Thought When I Was High Dude, what if… like… we made all the elements positioning absolute or fixed. Then we just add some Javascript so those element’s position goes up (top value goes down, and even negative) giving the illusion of scrolling. Duuuuude. Wrapping dynamic content in a wrapper with a […]

  • Saturday!

    I have Saturday work duty…Womp Womp. It’s pretty much just stay on my computer so I’m notified if any servers go down or catch on fire…which I do anyway cause I’m nosey. Today, it’s just required and I look like a teamplayer. It is a bit earlier than I usually wake up though. Well, it’s […]