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  • Preload Mobile Only Update

    What if I could preload mobile fonts only?! Okay, this is just an experiment, but it seemed to work? When you add something to WP Rocket’s preload, it will always preload it, regardless of the device. This makes sense, but there are some things — like maybe a toggle button I am using from a […]

  • Mobile-friendly

    I will write more on this subject later. This is more a diary entry (Oh shit, did you notice I double-spaced?!) Change up fun fact about that, I don’t think browsers really care. I’m sure it’s wasteful somewhere but crawlers aren’t reading the spaces, so I doubt it has any SEO repercussions. I’m not an […]

  • How Do I Do It?

    This is updated I am at about 5 posts today! All of them are shit, but that’s not the point! That isn’t the point at all, a lot of content on the internet is shit. Start some posts, maybe one day go back and make it less shit, but if the content is there, the […]

  • Deep CLS Dude

    I Had A CLS Thought When I Was High Dude, what if… like… we made all the elements positioning absolute or fixed. Then we just add some Javascript so those element’s position goes up (top value goes down, and even negative) giving the illusion of scrolling. Duuuuude. Wrapping dynamic content in a wrapper with a […]

  • Saturday!

    I have Saturday work duty…Womp Womp. It’s pretty much just stay on my computer so I’m notified if any servers go down or catch on fire…which I do anyway cause I’m nosey. Today, it’s just required and I look like a teamplayer. It is a bit earlier than I usually wake up though. Well, it’s […]

  • Category Pages

    I keep telling people they need to build out their category pages so they aren’t just listings of their posts. Yet…here I am…still not making a homepage and also not doing shit with categories. Maybe I’ll just make a robust uncategorized page. Keywords are for the weak! You can’t index intangible creativity! Or Can You?… […]

  • Windows Subsystem Linux

    Hacker Man Tutorials

    You can learn to Code by Googling. This is just a guide to set up a cool terminal on Windows…and not so much a guide as a…this exists.

  • Does ADHD Make You More Creative?

    Chicken that looks like me

    Browsing the internet, looking for music to trick the young kids into thinking I’m cool…and I found an interesting ADHD article.

  • ‘sup Serb?

    Hey Serbia, how are you doing?  You are probably just a bot, but if you are not… I see you (That’s an Americanism, it means big ups my dude) That is my real Google Analytics page, we aren’t doing so hot.  

  • How to Rake

    Photo by Ronaldo de Oliveira on Unsplash

    Leaves fall and some societies dictate we clean up this mess.  Now you might ask, how?  How do I clean sweep…but outside? Well, first, I recommend trying a broom.  It probably won’t work for obvious reasons, but if you googled broom rake like me, you would see there is an actual product for that.  I […]